1-Hour Workshops to Support International Women’s Day

This year, International Women’s Day will be on 8 March 2018, but why limit the recognition to just one day?!  Consider holding an event anytime in March!

By celebrating International Women’s Day, we are conveying the powerful corporate message that we are continually recognising and supporting women in the workplace; that we are valuing their contribution and celebrating their achievements.

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is ‘press for progress’; celebrating the day-to-day progress and achievements that we are making in women’s development.

We have 3 brand-new workshops/presentations, which we can run in-house for you – face to face in presentation-format, for up to 100 attendees if you have the room space and appetite!  Discuss a date with us anytime in March that works best for you, invite your audience and we will do the rest.

Our speakers and their areas of expertise:

We have selected speakers who are passionate, energetic, experts in their fields of women’s development – but even more importantly – who we can relate to through their practical ideas of progression ‘day-to-day/bit-by-bit’. All 3 of our speakers are women you can relate to – who themselves have made great progress – but just like all of us – by overcoming many challenges and obstacles along the way:

  • Dr Terri Simpkin, senior leadership lecturer, presents ‘Overcoming the Imposter-Syndrome’ – and will look at ways to deal with that notion of feeling not good enough and the stress of feeling like you’re just about to get found out – which can be so stressful and draining
  • Rachel Evans, Talent & People Development Lead for Essex & Kent Police presents ‘Breaking out of the Comfort Zone’, where she will challenge us all to address the issue that ‘the comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there….’
  • Harriet Waley-Cohen, speaker and coach, presents ‘Progress, not Perfection’ – where she will assess the destructiveness of perfection vs the empowering attitude of progress

All sessions will be interactive, and include tip sheets, evaluation and follow up.  Networking, and a boost to motivation and morale are guaranteed takeaways!

Contact us for full speaker profiles and session outlines.

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