2015 Lunch & Learn Programme

This week we have been finalising our Working Parent Lunch and Learn schedule for 2015.

Lunch and Learns are a flexible, quick and effective way of offering high quality learning and development opportunities to your employees.  This new collection of topics for 2015 puts a different spin on educating parents – they are all work-focused and parent-centric, with ideas on how to increase personal productivity and wellbeing at work.  Flexibility is the key with these sessions – you can book as many or as few as you wish; the topics also complement our main maternity and paternity coaching workshops.

Each session is an hour long, ideal for the lunchtime slot.  Our experienced facilitators will aim to inspire and motivate, share their own personal experiences and give practical tips. Where group size allows, we will involve participants through small group discussions, 5-minute challenge discussions with just 1 or 2 others, written polls, or simply through showing of hands.  We will work with you to fully evaluate each presentation and hold a follow up session with you to identify the best way to follow up the session.

2014 Case Study
Law firm held the presentation ‘Visibly Improved Time Management for Working Parents’.  The client wanted to ensure both perspectives of the mother and father were covered, so we had 2 presenters.  The session was held in London but streamed out to 4 other offices across the UK.  It was also recorded and then placed on the intranet.  Objectives were to provide a networking and supportive opportunity to get a large group of like-minded parents together, as well as to inspire parents with different techniques they could try to make their work/life balance a little happier.

To ensure your managers are fully up to date with the consequences and impact of Shared Parental Leave, our new topic for 2015 will help equip your managers with the appropriate knowledge and skills they need to manage their team through this change.
Here is the full programme:

The PfP 2015 Working Parent Lunch & Learn Programme


NEW FOR 2015!  Managing Maternity and Paternity
Designed specifically for any manager who is managing an expectant, new or existing parent.  This session is of particular relevance with the introduction of Shared Parental Leave in April 2015, as managers may find they need to manage team flexibility much more.  We look at ways to manage flexibility for good work life balance as well as strong business continuity.

4 steps to visibly improved Time Management for the Working Parent
Delegates will work through 4 systematic steps and exercises to produce their personal time management plan, which can immediately be put into practice. 

Staying ahead of the Game as a Working Parent
Priorities have changed and you need to be in several places at once.  Learn how to managing the politics, network on reduced hours and boost your visibility. 

Life as a Working Dad
Welcome to ‘generation daddy’ – your role is changing now.  Understand how to manage expectations and get the balance right – when to work, when to stay home.  Understand your family values and priorities.

Personal Resilience using HeartMath
Stress is a fact of life especially as a working parent and can’t be avoided. HeartMath programmes teach you skills to develop resilience and effectively manage responses to everyday stress and more significant life changes, reducing their negative impact.

Finances for New Parents
Understand the system – what are you actually entitled to?  Think about planning and investing to secure your family’s future.

Image Management for Working Parents
Working parents need to look professional but have less time to do it; find out the secrets of style in a hurry in this presentation.

4 Steps to Successful Flexible Working
No one ever teaches us how to work part-time!  This practical session will explore the 4 key steps to happier and more productive flexible working.

NEW FOR 2015!  Keeping your Children Safe Online
This essential presentation is designed to make parents aware of the breadth of online risks to which their children are potentially exposed and offers preventative advice.

Career and Childcare
Where to start with the search for childcare?  This informative session will help you navigate the world of childcare, assessing the pros and cons of each type of provider.

Everyday Discipline That Works
Learn how to use different techniques calmly, as well as creating consistent rules and routines, which will bring out the best behaviour in your children.

Effective Homework Strategies
Working parents don’t have time to manage unproductive homework sessions!  Consider how to be productively involved in homework and how you can really help your children succeed at school.

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