3 things HR needs to know about dads returning to work

In this vlog for Parent and Professional, Ian Dinwiddy explores three key issues that HR professionals need to be aware of in order to effectively support dads returning to work.

Ian talks about childcare assumptions, the fear of being seen as uncommitted and the potential domestic conflict that the return to the workplace can create for dads and their families.  

Ian Dinwiddy is an experienced coach, specialising in coaching and mentoring working dads, especially around the all important transition of dads returning to work.

He has 10 years’ experience as a Management Consultant, including working with major retailers such as Tesco, Sainsburys and B&Q, and food manufacturers including Uniq, United Biscuits and Samworth Brothers.

After his daughter was born in 2010, he spent seven years combining freelance work with being a primary carer to his children (who are now 10 and 7) including two stints as a “full time” stay at home Dad. Ian’s wife is a busy London based funds lawyer – managing their work life balance is an ongoing challenge.

Outside of work he has umpired at the highest levels of domestic field hockey in England.

In September 2018 Ian launched Inspiring Dads, a coaching and mentoring business that helps men find their own path to navigate the complexity of modern fatherhood.

Ian works with private individuals and businesses, both directly and as an associate.

He specialises in supporting paternity return to work and broader challenges around men’s purpose, focus and performance and guides men to answer the all important question:

“How To Be A Great Dad And Have A Great Career?”

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