Brigitte Calvert

Professional Coach, Australia

Having raised two boys as a sole parent, Brigitte’s passion is empowering parents to develop skills and gain practical applications to create successful and inspiring professional and personal lives, through developing their purpose, vision, direction and overall work/family balance. Brigitte acknowledges the importance and value of career and parenthood, the significance of raising children, role modelling and offering learning experiences that support the wellbeing and healthy development of work/family life long-term.


Brigitte transitioned from Primary School Teaching to Life and Executive Coaching. Coaching professionally for the past 19 years, Brigitte has been supporting individuals and organisations in the implementation of coaching and mentoring programs. This extensive experience has given her wide exposure to the needs of individuals and teams and the opportunity to support parents to achieve their desired outcomes, experiencing work and life in a more balanced and empowered way.

Approach to coaching

Brigitte cultivates trust and safety with her clients, being present, focused and actively listening. Brigitte evokes awareness and facilitates client growth through an insightful and focused coaching approach. Using a variety of coaching models and tools when coaching parents, Brigitte takes a values and strengths based approach to her coaching conversations, inspiring parents to develop enhanced communication skills, clarity of purpose, clearer direction, greater enthusiasm and improved confidence, supporting them to achieve desired, successful work and life experiences. Brigitte applies her significant 7 strengths to her coaching, including common sense, courage, evaluative thinking, attention to detail, developing others, efficiency and self-improvement. These 7 significant strengths are the foundation of Brigitte’s work ethic and coaching approach.

Experience and qualifications

Brigitte’s qualifications include Diploma of Workplace and Business Coaching, Diploma of Life Coaching, Certificate IV in Business, Dual Diploma of Vocational Education and Training; she is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and holds a Bachelor of Education from Deakin University. Brigitte has coached hundreds of individuals and groups since 2004 from a range of industries and backgrounds. Brigitte is also a senior Facilitator, Assessor and Mentor Coach for an ICF accredited Coach Training Provider, coaching and mentoring coach students across Australia and internationally. She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, holding that accreditation since 2012.

“Thank you for everything you taught me, I couldn’t have done this without you. I absolutely loved your style of teaching and empowering me with new skills. A ‘thank you’ is just not enough for everything you did for me. Once again huge thank you.” Coachee

“Oh my gosh Brigitte, I have lectured at university level and your depth and quality of feedback surpasses any of the professors and doctors I saw at that level! Thanks so much and awesome effort!!” Coachee

“Your obvious knowledge and passion, coupled with positive comments and feedback has given me more confidence beyond measure.” Coachee

“Thank you, Brigitte. You have given me such awesome support in what has been a challenging year. Thank you so very much.” Coachee