Mary Crayston

Professional Coach, Canada

Mary is a results-focused coach and mental fitness expert who specializes in; navigating change, managing inner critics, stress, anxiety, and how to have effective authentic communication. She has a 12+ year track record of amplifying confidence, finding clarity, creating relationship satisfaction and feeling energized both in mind and body. Mary is direct, warm, and enjoys a bit of wit!


Mary was a professional dancer who travelled across Canada choreographing and performing. In 2000 she transitioned to owning a thriving personal training and wellness company with 100+ clients. Her company catered to working parents and corporate clients. Mary and her team of trainers worked 1:1 at one of Vancouver’s premiere boutique personal training facilities. Additionally, they delivered wellness workshops for groups and teams to companies like RBC. Mary developed a passion for understanding what makes people change, herself included, and this fascination led her to take the leap to professional coaching in 2010. Mary is a certified professional coach, a working parents coach, mental fitness coach, co-active coach and emotional intelligence expert.

Approach to coaching

The clients who thrive with Mary are interested in self-discovery, feeling confident and positive and in developing communication skills.  They want to develop more connected and powerful relationships, improve physical well-being and mental fitness to be more effective, productive, and focused. Sessions are a blend of getting to the heart of the matter, and creating actionable steps with an accountability structure. Mary is the vault for her clients’ fears, ‘messy and generally tough to deal with’ human behaviours and emotions. She and her clients collaborate to find the perfect combination of discovery and action, which create sustainable transformation.

Experience and qualifications

Mary’s life experiences including performing, parenting, divorce, a blended family, aging parents and loss, combined with her professional experiences as an entrepreneur, positive intelligence facilitator, and health and fitness expert are a perfect fit for being a work and family balance coach.  

Virtually and in person Mary coaches 1:1 and facilitates workshops and team coaching sessions with companies world-wide. Her niche clients are parents who are leaders navigating the different stages of  balancing work and life. 

From CEO’s and VP’s to front line managers and individual contributors, Mary has coached leaders in industry sectors including engineering, technology, electricity, oil & gas,  law, marketing, accounting, manufacturing, finance and hospitality. 

“Working with Mary has literally changed the path that I’ve been walking and set me in a direction towards bringing my whole self to everything I set my hands to. My time with Mary has been absolutely pivotal in both my personal and professional life: 100% transformational. ”  Nolan – Father of 2 – Director – Robin Hood – 

“It has been wonderful having her in my corner for the past six months during which time I’ve made major work and life changes. Mary is a gifted coach and helped me stay in touch with feelings while my brain was on overdrive.” Catherine – Step- Mother – Senior Manager, Southern California Edison 

“Mary helped me go through a huge paradigm shift in how I’ve been viewing myself and my life. Mary helped me see that I had all the values and strengths within myself for the confidence I was looking for. She armed me with a fantastic tool box of techniques and routines that I can use on a daily basis. It has been a life changing relationship.” Jinny – New Mother – Project Manager – Telus
“Mary helped me realize my potential, what I want from life, and that ups and downs are a natural part of being human. She’s helped me focus on the steps I need to take to bring things back under control. Mary is able to crystallize ideas or emotions that are complicated.” Simon, Single Father of 2, Data Scientist