Mythily Bhageerutty

Professional Coach, United Kingdom

Mythily has worked with hundreds of parents across a range of industries, disciplines, and countries. She provides expert one to one coaching for talented individuals who want to achieve their full potential and get results that have maximum impact.


Building on 15 years of leadership experience, Mythily has worked in Government as a Senior Advisor in Strategy, a Private Secretary to the Minister of Criminal Justice, and a Leadership Coach to Senior Management and Board.  She has worked with one of the largest Housing Associations in the country, successfully driving the Executive Team to effect fundamental cultural change through an embedded coaching approach used by all managers, and within the framework of an internationally recognised coaching qualification.

Experience and qualifications

Most recently Mythily has coached parents at work, with Royal Bank of Canada, Legal and General and UCL, as well as with law firms Travers Smith and Kingsley Napley. Mythily holds the certified, Master NLP Coaching qualification and is accredited with the International Coach Federation. She is faculty member of an ICF approved coach training provider, helping aspiring coaches to become qualified.

Approach to coaching

Mythily has worked with hundreds of parents across a range of industries, disciplines, and countries. She has realised that many parents believe that they have to compromise in life, that they have to be practical, and that they can’t fulfil their potential and be a wonderful parent, however Mythily believes they can! She has observed that they often miss the fact that true success is finding a way to honour their deepest values and achieve results that are in line with their principles. Through coaching she invites you to get out of the passenger seat, and back into the driving seat.  She believes the successful professional and parent is full of practical insight, incites trust through authentic connection, and is innovatively efficient. Above all, they are evolving to greater presence in their life, and role modelling the values that they wish their children to aspire to.

Mythily, a parent herself to two daughters, is passionate about offering other parents a space of unconditional positive regard. She offers challenge, feedback, and encouragement that enables parents to feel confident, connected and clear, whilst meeting the challenges and opportunities that parenthood brings.

“Mythily was helpful in highlighting many things I had not considered both; with regards to work, as well as regards to home life, providing an alternative way to view myself, my intentions, my actions and my plans. I feel somewhat more confident about tackling some tough conversations with my line managers regards managing work/life balance and maintaining business standards and also less anxious about balancing my home life than I was prior to the session.”