Teresita de Velazco Ledesma

Professional Coach, South America

Teresita is a Human Resource professional and qualified coach, with over 13 years’ experience in recruitment and learning & development for global organisations. She is a specialist in Career and Maternity coaching, supporting coachees to develop their potential and facilitate their own thinking around achieving happiness at work. Teresita is based in Argentina and coaches in Spanish.

Teresita’s early career was in a recruitment and leadership consulting firm, supporting companies indifferent industries to optimise team effectiveness, develop leaders and evolve organisational culture. She continued her career in HR in consumer goods companies, enjoying roles in Talent Management, Learning and Development, Training, Communication, Diversity and a Senior Business Partner.

Teresita coached people at different levels of the organization, from Senior Directors to Junior Assistants, supporting them to achieve their goals and to find happiness at work. She most enjoyed working with women who felt stressed because they thought they had to choose between their careers or motherhood. Teresita supported these women to effectively combine professional growth with family time.

Experience and qualifications
As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF),and as an advocate of continuous learning, Teresita quickly achieved the esteemed PCC accreditation.

Teresita has a HR degree from Universidad del Salvador(Buenos Aires Argentina) and currently coaches the leadership programmes at IAE (University at Latam). Teresita has coached employees at L’Oreal, Citibank, Johnson & Johnson, Pernod Ricard and Goderj.

Approach to coaching
Teresita is passionate about combining work with family life, developing as a professional and parent, which is why she has been one of the first coaches to launch Parental Transition Coaching in South America. Teresita is a mother of three kids, who lives the daily challenge of finding that work and family balance. Inspired by her own aspirations, she helps working parents to find their own happy work/family balance.

“My experience with Teresita was not only surprising but enlightening. I had a very specific and intricate matter to solve, we worked around it for a couple of weeks and after that I let it decant by itself. Teresita gave me tools to understand the big picture, to reconnect with my deep and true feelings and act in consequence. Sometimes true feelings hide behind anger, when we are able to connect with those true feelings, our path gets bright and clear. My coaching experience was different to any other therapy I had done before, and I will carry this empowerment for the rest of my life. Now I know I can resolve my problems going back to myself and finding the answer and for that I will be forever grateful.”