Panel of Experts

Carolyn Hobdey

Mid-Life Career Management Expert

As a Consultant, Educator, Speaker and Author, Carolyn brings to life 25 years’ Human Resources experience gained in some of the World’s largest employers and with our most recognisable brands. Having been there, seen it and done it, Carolyn has a wealth of examples and stories from corporate life to draw upon as a culture and change expert – not much fazes her when it comes to people!

Being a passionate, energised and fearless Change Catalyst, Carolyn loves to inspire joyful revolution so that everyone gets to leave the legacy they choose in life, especially when that impact is upon the people we work with. As a Leadership and HR mentor, she is focused on helping individuals to show up as their authentic self to enable them to motivate their current team and become a role model for the aspirations of the next generation.

What others say about Carolyn’s work:

“A great mixture of talking and practical exercises” Course Attendee

“Her energy is infectious. She is searingly honest about her own experiences” Mentee

“Proof that if you’re brilliant in one job you’re just going to be brilliant at whatever you put your mind to” Davina McCall