Panel of Experts

Shwezin Win

Parenting Facilitator, Specialising in young adults

Arriving in the UK at the age of 7, not speaking any English, Shwezin has grown up in an environment of mixed cultural influences and overcoming challenges whilst building her
professional and personal life. After graduating from University of Brighton, she held senior roles in Marketing, Retail and Transformation Programmes over 25 years, with organisations such as Ipsos MORI and EDF Energy.

She became a step-mother to two young children, now adults and a mum to two girls both going through their adolescent years. Her passion to champion working parents came from her own experiences and her role as Chair of the Working Parents Network.

Driven by her own experience of burnout, she advocates “prevention rather than cure” when it comes to mental and emotional health, helping families to create more harmony and joy.

Shwezin received Distinctions in both her Personal Performance and Coaching in Education Diplomas from The Coaching Academy.