Calm before Christmas – Focus on your inner (s)elf!

This week our stress/resilience expert, Julie Courtney, Director of the Resilience Formula, shares her thoughts around mindfulness and how, as busy working parents, we can become better at living in the moment in time for Christmas.

“The past is history, the future’s a mystery but today is a gift – that’s why it’s call the present.”
What a shame then that most of us spend too much time concerned with events in the past and how they will affect our future.  As Christmas approaches, how many of us are feeling apprehensive about difficult situations that may occur or comments that family members may or may not make?  These things are all out of your control but living in the moment and practising ways to stop the inner monologue is within your grasp.

Last week I was invited to deliver a mindfulness session hosted by Levison Meltzer Pigott Law, called Calm Before Christmas.  An evening event, held in a function room with stunning views overlooking the Thames and a beautifully lit St Paul’s, the session couldn’t have got off to a better start.

By the nature of the job, Lawyers are constantly dealing with clients who are in crisis mode, whether this be through a legal battle at work, or a more personal matter like divorce.  But how many Lawyers are equipped with the tools to deal, not only with the stress being directed at them, but the pressure they themselves are put under to achieve their client’s goals.

For this Mindfulness session, we were discussing some strategies and techniques that could be used to declutter the mind, stop stress from disrupting productivity and allow people to live in the moment.  And although at the start I sensed some scepticism from some of the audience, after watching them perform a couple of breathing techniques, it was immediately clear how the atmosphere and attitudes in the room began to change to one of belief and relaxation.

The simple actions of both breathing and focusing your mind on a positive thought can have such a powerful effect on your wellbeing and yet it’s something that people rarely consider.

Ultimately, Mindfulness is not something we can achieve overnight, it takes practice just like getting physically fit requires regular gym sessions. However, unlike that six pack we all long for, Mindfulness is more achievable and if you start your Resilience journey today then you could reach your Calm Before Christmas.

As a working parent, with an ever-growing to-do list at this time of the year, I know I for one won’t have the time to devote to lengthy mindfulness sessions.  However, what I like about Julie’s tip around breathing and focusing on a positive thought is that it’s something we can all do, at any point of the day, especially as the stress creeps in!

Thank you to Julie Courtney,

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