Career and family balance 1-1 coaching

Constant change, change at home and the shift to remote, hybrid, and flexible working can be challenging for many employees. These changes can affect motivation levels, mental health, sense of balance, and even future career aspirations.

Career and family balance coaching from Parent and Professional

Our one-to-one career and family balance coaching programme, provides a comprehensive exploration of personal issues surrounding the challenges of change, flexible working, uncertainty, and balance. We work with individuals so they can confidentially express and work through any concerns and barriers, giving them a sense of clarity so they can find a way forward.

The career and family balance coaching programme is particularly beneficial for parents, carers, those working flexibly, and employees who are feeling stressed, isolated, and/or lacking in motivation.

By providing support for employees struggling with stress, anxiety, or isolation, you’ll be promoting better mental health and reducing the risk of burnout, they also more likely to be more productive and engaged in their work.

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