Supporting Employees Through Change: How coaching supports mental health during times of change

‘Coaching has great potential in the world of mental health.’

The Psychologist

Supporting employees through change, isolation and anxiety has never been more important than now.  Throw having a baby into the mix and it’s easy to see why it is even more crucial now to help new parents in the workplace manage the transition of professional to parent during particularly challenging times.

One-to-One Coaching for Supporting Employees Through Change

Any type of one-to-one coaching is a brilliant way to show your support for employees going through change.

The great thing about one-to-one coaching is that your employees are truly listened to – intently – in their busy and often chaotic days.

  • They will be heard with empathy and compassion by a qualified coach, who has devoted their career to coaching and developing parents.
  • They will be respected and encouraged to open their minds, challenge limiting thinking or beliefs.
  • They will be given a safe and confidential thinking space which will support them to identify their values, their strengths and their hopes.
  • It is highly likely they will take away tangible actions and plans.

What do our coachees take away from our parental-transition coaching sessions?

We think our recent testimonials from coaching sessions with our brilliant team of coaches (thank you Louise, Sarah and Mythily) say it all:

‘This was easily one of the most worthwhile experiences of my career in this organisation, in terms of helping me to manage the current situation and in preparing for the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone and I plan to consult my manager to see if I can continue to work with my coach.’

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with my coach on my return to work after a second maternity leave. She was understanding, asked thought-provoking questions and made me feel I was in safe environment. She recommended external links and books for me to follow up on and always remembered what we had discussed in our last session. This showed she really cared and was there to help me.”

“I have never really considered coaching previously; however, I now not only see the benefits, but I would highly recommend it to others.  My coach was excellent – open and engaging and empowering with kind determination.   I would recommend her to others and would also gladly employ her service for myself in future.”

“My coach was so valuable to me in a very difficult situation. I left every session feeling positive and better about myself and even on days where I feel lost again I hold onto what we have agreed by way of actions and use that as focus. She is extremely personable and made a real effort to connect and understand me as a person. She is an excellent, approachable coach and only wish I could have had more sessions. I treasure the 4 that I had with her.”

How has coaching touched your life? Has is helped to support you though change? Do share your thoughts with us. Contact us or email

This week’s blog is written by co-founder of Parent & Professional, Helen Letchfield.

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