De-Mystifying the Menopause

Every woman will experience menopause, and the majority will be employed during this phase. A recent survey revealed that 88% of women felt menopause negatively impacted their work life. Nurturing a workplace culture that prioritises and supports women’s health and well-being can result in increased employee loyalty and retention.

In this 1-hour menopause awareness session for employees, our Menopause Coach will cultivate a welcoming, open, and reflective environment for participants to learn about menopause, its potential effects on them individually, and how to recognise and best manage symptoms. Additionally, The De-Mystifying the Menopause session will cover simple workplace adjustments and offer guidance for partners, friends, and family members to provide optimal support to someone experiencing menopause.

Drawing from personal experiences, we understand the challenges of managing careers during this significant life transition and the difficulty of navigating appropriate workplace discussions. By offering support to employees, employers can distinguish themselves from competitors and establish a positive brand image.

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