Fighting fatigue through diet

We are kick-starting 2018 with an introduction to our newest member of our Panel of Experts – nutritionist Jeraldine Curran.  Jeraldine’s tips below are very timely as we all return to the demands that working and parenting bring – especially in the midst of winter when we need to take extra care of ourselves to stay healthy.

Welcome Jeraldine!

Being a working parent can be fraught with the highs and lows of having children and juggling your daily routine.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep your energy levels in check by balancing blood sugars and making sure you don’t skip meals. To help maintain sustained energy and to reduce fatigue, I recommend consuming a good source of protein or healthy fats at each meal, along with vegetables.

Here are some things you can do to help balance blood sugar levels and feel wonderful:

  • Always include a protein or healthy fat with every meal you consume.  Good choices are full fat natural yogurt, hummus and chicken
  • Eat three times a day leaving gaps of 4 hours in between meals – this allows insulin to return to the pancreas, allows fat burning to occur and reduces cravings
  • Make sure that you do not skip meals – blood sugar will drop and you will reach for the wrong types of food
  • Limit processed food – it gets absorbed very quickly, producing an unnaturally rapid increase in blood glucose levels
  • Eat food in its most natural state – nature provides us with plenty of food in its natural state: when vegetables and fruit are eaten in their most nature state they are absorbed slowly, producing a gradual increase in blood glucose levels, which our bodies are designed to handle.

Just by making this simple change of ensuring that you have a protein or healthy fat with every meal means your energy levels with be greatly improved helping you to feel energised and revitalised all day.

Jeraldine Curran – The Food Nutritionist – fully qualified nutritionist specialising in nutritional workshops, conception and pregnancy, individual consultations, corporate work and wellness retreats

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