How to boost self-care with resilience coaching

As the summer holidays approach, many working parents are looking for ways to juggle work responsibilities and family time. This period can bring unique challenges, making self-care crucial.

Resilience coaching offers a powerful way to enhance our ability to handle life’s challenges and emerge stronger. Resilience is how we weather the storm – but also whether we bloom after it. 

Who is it for?

Everyone. It’s the coaching you need when you feel depleted, you’ve been through a tough time, you feel uninspired, overwhelmed, stuck, unmotivated or lost – AND if you feel like you want to step into a bigger, bolder version of you and need the perspective, self-belief and momentum to do it. 

It’s also incredibly useful in helping you to manage the changes that can happen at 40+, whether that’s perimenopause or menopause, kids leaving home, divorce, moving or career shifts.

How does it work? 

It’s a practical and structured process where you’ll work with clear goals and actions to do between sessions, with the benefit of weekly accountability and the space to share in confidence and be heard.  

Because resilience is so fundamental to how we respond to life, resilience coaching is like an all-purpose fertiliser. It includes many different aspects of how we show up in the world, such as:

  • Mindset – including moving out of negativity, away from the ways you limit yourself and towards a perspective on life that is both optimistic and effective. This is about choosing to perceive your life in a powerful way.
  • Resetting the inner narrative – no more self-criticism. Self-compassion is the basis of resilience and the fuel for a productive approach to life, from being less emotional to more able to assimilate the lessons of your failures. The inner critic won’t disappear overnight (nor will your people pleaser, perfectionist, catastrophiser) but all can be uprooted over several sessions and replaced with inner narratives defined by support and realistic optimism.
  • Habits – all of life is made up of habits (habitual thoughts and behaviours). Confidence is a habit. Resilience too. Simple habit shifts will make a huge difference to how you feel each day and what you achieve in the long term by building you up where you need it most. During the coaching process you will identify the habits that work for you – and then implement them. 
  • Processing the impact of your past – sometimes we carry around out of date narratives and beliefs that are exhausting and defeating us. Releasing and reprogramming those can be life changing. It’s hard to be resilient if you’re stuck in the past, that’s why this is part of the coaching process.
  • Authenticity. The roots of how we survive the storm are knowing who we are and living a life that aligns with that. These are the big questions, “who am I?” “what is my purpose?” etc.
  • Nervous system. We live in our bodies 24/7 – and, consequently, in our nervous systems. A loss of resilience often comes from too much time in fight, flight, freeze, drowning in stress hormones like cortisol and having our efforts at progress disrupted by panic, stuckness and anxiety. There are lots of simple techniques that help to better manage the stress responses that derail resilience and prevent us falling off into survival mode. 

Why does it work? 

It’s practical and action-driven – there are tangible results – but delivered by someone who is experienced, intuitive, encouraging and able to tailor the sessions to support your unique needs.

What can you expect from it?

Positive change. Very few areas of life don’t benefit from more resilience. Whether you’re looking to bounce back or spring forward these sessions will accelerate progress, help you rediscover you and empower you to feel like you can do anything.

Resilience coaching is an investment in your growth, wellbeing, and future. Get ready for the summer before the stress sets in; don’t wait until the overwhelm hits. Seize this opportunity to create a balanced and thriving version of yourself, prepared for both work and family demands.

Meet our Resilience Coach, Alex Pett, and discover how he can help you navigate challenges with confidence. Get in touch today to explore how resilience coaching can benefit you individually or as part of a group.

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