International Women’s Day: PfP’s Pledge for Parity

The campaign theme for 2016 is Pledge for Parity

This global day celebrates achievements of women to date and challenges us to all to do more to achieve gender equality.  A shocking statistic revealed by the World Economic Forum states that it will take until 2133 to close the gender gap (previously their predictions were 2095, but progress has been so painfully slow that we have lost 38 years!)

PfP’s Plans

Monday 7th we are attending the Cityparents’ Speaker Series event with guest speaker Karen Blackett OBE, CEO of MediaCom.  This event is centred around the theme of International Women’s Day for 2016 which celebrates the achievements of women and calls for greater equality.

Tuesday 8th we are attending a virtual coffee morning, hosted by Ontrack International , where the discussion will be around strategies to employer, develop and retain female talent.

All week, we are running maternity coaching workshops to those who are pregnant and to those on leave and who have recently returned to work.  We focus on boosting female confidence to get more from their careers and from their lives in general.  In addition, next week we will be asking all our workshop participants to commit to identifying one concrete action they can personally take to encourage gender equality.  Next week, we will publish our findings!

One of our clients, UCL, is running a whole host of events.  The UCL Diversity team and the Institute for Women’s Health team are running an exhibition exploring the presence and absence of women at UCL.  In 1878, UCL became the first university in England to admit women on equal terms with men!  This event is open to the public:

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