International Women’s Day 2018

How are you planning to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, next Thursday, 8th March?

At P&P Coaching, we have interpreted this year’s theme, ‘press for progress’, as celebrating the day-to-day progress and achievements that women make every day in their own developmental journeys.  For us, it’s about looking at real role models, not the ones the press would have us believe are the norm, but the ones we can all relate to, who experience similar ups, downs and challenges.

So, next week we are offering 3 brand-new workshops, to further support this year’s focus.  Each is 1-hour long and there is the option of adding an extra 1-hour facilitated session, within small discussion groups.  We have 3 experienced, passionate facilitators, all keen to share their own experiences and help groups and individuals ‘attack and conquer’ the following 3 very common challenges:

1 – Progress, not Perfectionlooking at the destructiveness of perfection vs the empowering attitude of progress

The media tells women that they must be slim, successful, ambitious, fabulously and fashionably turned out, have a beautiful home that looks interior magazine perfect, throw dinner parties with intricate menus, bake organic cakes for the school charity sale, model glowing skin, meditate before dawn and be calm at all times…

The ideals that are put forward are unrealistic at best, and perpetuate the toxicity of striving for perfectionism at worst. This has a detrimental effect on women’s confidence, self-esteem, health, happiness, relationships and career.

2 – Breaking out of the Comfort Zonethe comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Confidence levels change depending on the situations we find ourselves in, but sometimes our mind-set can have a huge impact on what we choose to do or not do. Do we find ourselves saying, “I wish I had” rather than “I wish I hadn’t”? Are we too scared to try for fear of failing? As we grow older we forget the need to try, experiment and learn, we become fearful of failing so much that we don’t even get on the dance floor! 

3 – Feeling Phoney? Join the Club!ridding ourselves of the dreaded imposter syndrome.

The notion of being not good enough and the stress of feeling like you’re just about to get found out can be stressful and draining.

The sense that at some point you’re going to be exposed as a faker can be crippling to achievement and can cause anxiety and overwork.

  • “I’m really not good enough to be doing this.”
  • “When are they going to find out I’m not as competent as they think I am?”
  • “How did I get here? I’m really not qualified.”

It’s called the impostor phenomenon and it’s common: especially among women.

If you would like to explore these themes in more depth, either as an individual or organisation, it’s not too late! We will continue to have these sessions available throughout the year – they have generated a lot of interest.  Contact us to find out more and for speaker profiles:

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