Key Questions Managers have when Managing Maternity Leave

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If you are looking for an efficient way to manage maternity leave it may be useful to take a look at some of our key questions.

We have been running Managing Maternity Leave workshops and discussion groups for large organisations now for several years.

Questions when Managing Maternity Leave

Here are the most common concerns and questions that managers need support with that you could focus on giving:

  • Getting the process right – interpreting the maternity policy correctly
  • Understanding how to deal with flexible working requests
  • Getting the balance between showing support but not being overbearing
  • Whether or not to contact individuals on maternity leave
  • How to manage a returner who chooses to work part-time – ensuring appropriate objectives are set
  • How to manage expectations and team culture when someone goes on maternity leave and returns
  • How to deal with varying performance levels during a key period of personal change
  • How to manage any change in employee’s values; priorities; work/life balance
  • Remembering what business changes have occurred since the individual has been away and putting together an appropriate training plan
  • Remembering to keep in touch as agreed during maternity leave especially with regards to potentially significant business/structural changes
  • Being able to positively position a returner to the rest of the team
  • …And there will be more! A suggested minimal level of support for line managers is having guidelines somewhere clearly visible on the intranet, perhaps sending the link to all managers of those managing someone through any part of the maternity cycle. A meeting to discuss all these points would be preferable.

We can also work directly with your managers to support them through the process with an online module or a short lunch seminar – please contact us for more information.

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