Launching our Brand New Online Portal: Supporting the Parental Transition at Work

The problem:

Last year, some of our clients told us that they wanted to provide global, online support to their employees going through parental leave.

Our clients wanted ONE solution for ALL their parents – dads, mums, adopters.

They wanted this online option for full flexibility, so that their employees could access information, tips and advice from their phones on the way to work if they so wished and across all their locations globally.

Big ask!  But fast-forward months of researching, planning, recording, interviewing and writing, and now we have the solution – a comprehensive online portal, which is relevant for juniors as well as seniors; in the UK and also overseas; for those who are keen on career progression, and for those who are happy to stay where they are.

The solution:

The user experience:

  • Individual log-ins
  • Company-branded, can be tailored to include links to company policies
  • Access to huge variety of interactive exercises, tip-sheets, videos, blogs, checklists
  • Information from our Panel of Experts – childcare, sleep, nutrition, finance
  • Download, save and print documents
  • Accessible on all devices

Benefits to the organisation:

  • Cost-effective learning
  • Global reach
  • Ensures employees feel supported and recognised during challenging times
  • Boost career management skills and confidence, which can aid return and retention rates
  • Boost levels of health and wellbeing

3 modules for easy navigation:

Pre-Parental Leave

Offers ideas, tools and tips to support employees through the transition at work to parenthood; such as ways to manage change, strengthen relationships at work and devise handover and keeping in touch plans.
During parental leave
During Parental Leave

Helps employees plan the transition back to work.  The exercises, articles, videos and audio clips will help employees comprehensively consider all of the return to work options, and then make a practical return-to-work plan.
Post Parental Leave Post Parental Leave
The final module covers ways to support the re-integration back at work.  The tools, ideas, blogs, videos and audios will cover a range of topics, from managing emotions to practical time and career management tools.

Interested in finding out more?  Email us and we can arrange to give you a tour via a Skype call:

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