LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace report

Whitepaper report. LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace

To celebrate October’s Global Diversity Awareness Month, the team at P&P Coaching wanted to really understand the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace, especially as they navigate the route to parenthood.

Our aim for this whitepaper is to highlight some of the key challenges that the LGBTQ+ community may face at work, as well as considering how business leaders, HR and D&I teams can best support minority groups to enable their wellbeing, balance, growth and career development.

As well as our own team research, in true P&P fashion, we held a client lunch and roundtable discussion, covering 5 very different sectors: higher education, law, finance, policing and insurance.

Guest speaker Rachel Ward (Head of Learning & Development) reflected on her own journey of self-discovery, changing relationships and the impact that this has had on her professional self.

Supporting LGBTQ+ employees in their work and family lives isn’t just about policies and benefits; it’s about creating a culture of understanding, acceptance and mutual respect. When organisations prioritise these values, they not only enrich the lives of their LGBTQ+ employees but also foster a more diverse, innovative, and harmonious workplace for everyone.

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