Manager Coaching to Support the Parental Transition

Supporting your employees through life-changing events is crucial to their well-being, productivity, and retention. Managers in particular, play a critical role in shaping the employee’s experience by offering support and understanding during challenging times.

Our Manager Coaching to Support the Parental Transition sessions provide managers with a forum where they can explore how their team members are personally coping with the challenging experience of becoming a parent at work.

Each session is tailored to the managers’ individual questions and aims for the meeting, but specific themes are covered, including building knowledge and confidence around managing an expectant or returning parent, enhancing personal leadership skills, enabling the manager to build the relationship with employees to ensure they feel supported.  Themes such as health and well-being of employees, relationships, team culture and support, cover and handover plans, keeping in touch plans, and performance discussions can also be addressed.

When managers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to support their team members, employees are more likely to feel motivated and engaged in their work.

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