Managing flexibility: The top leadership skill for 2023 

On demand recording, Managing flexibility: The top leadership skill for 2023 and free guide


Thank you to all of you joined our Managing Flexibility: The Top Leadership Skill for 2023 webinar with Andrew Kitton last week! We are truly grateful to Andrew for sharing his invaluable insights on empowering managers in building flexible and family-friendly teams. If you missed this incredible session, don’t worry! You still have the opportunity to catch up and benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared through the on-demand recording available here: Access the on-demand recording.

Managing flexibility: The top leadership skill for 2023

In this session, we’ll share a snapshot of how HR, D&I and L&D professionals can support managers to create flexible and family-friendly teams. You will walk away from the webinar feeling confident that you can help managers to support their individual team members, as well as ensure overall team productivity. 

The webinar will cover:

  • How managing flexibility is the top leadership skill for 2023.
  • Who needs it?
  • How to be a flexible leader – how to build trust, be empathetic and supportive – but still enable team performance.

Takeaway case studies: walk away with actionable case studies that can be shared internally within your organisation. These practical examples will provide valuable guidance for implementing flexible practices and support managers in creating family-friendly teams.

Working parents deserve the flexibility they need to balance work and family life, especially during the summer holidays. Together, let’s empower managers to create an inclusive and supportive work environment that benefits everyone.

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