National work/life week 22nd-26th September 2014

Next week, Working Families will be hosting their annual work/life balance week, where companies and individuals nation-wide are urged to take time to find ways of improving their personal day-to-day balancing act

As working parents, we at PfP Coaching know only too well the importance of developing and maintaining some sort of equilibrium in how we spend our days and our weeks.  Personally, I regularly see first-hand the impact of those who have tipped the balance for too long in favour of work, only to then suffer the consequences later in life.  High levels of stress, illness and ever-increasing divorce-rates should surely be enough to make us sit up and take action?

Just this week, I read an article in the Evening Standard about the consequences of fathers not spending enough time with their children.  ‘There is now an accepted crisis in fatherhood.  Someone has to show boys how to become men and many British fathers are absent due to divorce or distant because of work and time pressures.’ (Phillip Hodson, psychotherapist and broadcaster, The Evening Standard 12/9/14)

So what changes can you make next week to your personal work/life balance or to help inspire others to make changes?

Here’s what we have got planned over the next 10 days to celebrate Work/Life Balance Week:

–          Lunch & Learn event ‘Staying Ahead of the Game as a Working Parent’ to 50 City lawyers

–          Small group workshop for 5 bankers currently on maternity leave, preparing their return

–          Lunch and Learn event for parents and carers ‘4 Steps to Visibly Improved Time Management’ at UCL

–          Maternity and paternity coaching workshops for Imperial College London-

–          We are continuing to promote and support Timewise in their fantastic initiative to recognise ‘powerful part-timers’ – their deadline for applications is 22nd September –

–          And of course we’ll be there to support Working Families at their Top Employers for Working Families event on 22nd September

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