Coronavirus putting women’s careers at risk

By Helen Letchfield | 22 June 2020

With working mothers now 47% more likely than fathers to have permanently lost their job or quit, employers must address inequality at home if women are not to come out of this crisis at a disadvantage.

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How to help working parents avoid burnout during lockdown

By Helen Letchfield | 22 April 2020

Employers need to tread carefully if they want to get the most out of staff with caring responsibilities without adding unnecessary pressure, says Helen Letchfield

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Five reasons to prioritise family-friendly policies

By Helen Letchfield | 03 March 2020

Issues ranging from men’s mental health to poor productivity are making family-friendly policies a priority. There are five key trends driving the need for family-friendly workplaces over the coming year.

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Stigma in the workplace is preventing men from being more involved parents

By Helen Letchfield | 15 Jan 2020

We need to make it culturally acceptable for fathers to achieve the balance between work and family they need to stay happy and healthy. Helen Letchfield explains how.

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Employers shouldn’t be afraid to hire women who might start a family

By Helen Letchfield | 10 Sept 2019

The ongoing reluctance of businesses to recruit women of childbearing age isn’t only outdated, it’s unnecessary, explains Helen Letchfield.

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Employer branding – parent power

By Madiha Sajid | 4 Sept 2019

At a time when a third of employers are avoiding hiring women who they ‘fear’ might start a family soon, UCL is bucking the trend by making family-friendly policies and gender equality key components of its employer brand.

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Gender pay gaps: three ways to eliminate barriers to progress

By Helen Letchfield | 3 Apr 2019

Progression, flexible working, and empowering women are all key areas to focus on if companies are to eliminate the gender pay gap, argues Helen Letchfield, co-founder of Parent and Professional.

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Special report: Why are gender pay gaps increasing?

By Helen Letchfield | 2 Apr 2019

As the second round of gender pay gap reporting draws to a close, the news isn’t good. Find out why and how to tackle the underlying barriers driving pay disparity.

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Case study: UCL tackles equality barriers facing working mothers

By Madiha Sajid, UCL | Mar 2019

Find out how UCL went about tackling the barriers to career progression that can affect women in particular once they become a parent or carer.

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Press: Guide to parent-friendly, agile working practices

By Helen Letchfield | 31 Jan 2019

With few businesses immune from the need to adapt to changing marketing conditions, Parent &Professional talks to theHRDirector about how parent-friendly working practices can help.

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