Parent & Professional talks to the CIPD

This month, we’ve been talking to the CIPD about why the ongoing reluctance of businesses to recruit women of childbearing age isn’t only outdated, it’s unnecessary.

Talking to the CIPD’s People Management magazine, Parent & Professional co-founder, Helen Letchfield, discusses why the reluctance of one in eight employers to hire women who might start a family soon is based on a number of outdated assumptions.

Such as the assumption that it will be women, and not men, who will become the primary care giver, the assumption that women won’t want to return to work after having a child and the assumption that if they do they’ll be less committed.

Highlighting research showing why these assumptions are now outdated, Helen explains why employers such as UCL are now recognising the existence of the equality barriers facing women and doing more to successfully tackle them.

You can read the full article, as published in People Management magazine, here

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