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P&P Parent Transition Coaching Programme Feedback

Bringing balance to home and working life with our parental transition coaching programme

Parental transition coaching helps new parents by being there through those critical first steps of transitioning from a professional to a parent. Our parental transition coaches provide the support new parents need to balance home and working life. They also help them to ultimately feel good about coming back to work.

We asked one of our recent coachees to share her experience of our parental transition coaching with our fantastic parental transition coach, Mythily Bhageerutty.

Coach feedback

One of the things that’s really important in a parental transition  coaching session – especially in a virtual setting – is creating a safe and relaxing space – how was this done for you?

Mythily is so on time and punctual, and always checking with me to make sure I’m ready and able to talk. She is so flexible and I love it always when she starts the conversation by saying, ‘go get yourself a drink this is your time’. I feel so relaxed during our call.

Has the parental transition coaching made you feel more supported during your time of transition?

My coach has absolutely been a big support to me. I moved to the UK 10 years ago without my parents or extended family or friends.  Looking after my son and at the same time working full time is so difficult. I feel like Mythily has been a part of my support system during this period.

As coaches, our aim is to create an objective and non-judgemental space – did you feel you had this?

Mythily makes me feel absolutely safe and comfortable to tell her everything – from the challenges I face being a first-time mum at home, challenges at work, to challenges with my in laws knowing that she is there to listen to me without judging me.

Parental Transition Coaching can challenge us too!  Can you provide any examples?

Mythily sometimes asked me questions that made me think ahead. For example, she asked me where I want to go with work, where I see myself in few years’ time. I think she sees the potential in me and wants me to feel confident that I am more than capable to be a manager.  She also encouraged me to be brave enough to speak to my company regarding working different hours, so I could have that balance of looking after my son and also get to where I want to be in my career.

Do you have any other feedback about your parental transition coaching experience?

I’m so lucky to have picked Mythily as my coach. She is kind, humble, compassionate, smart and understanding. She makes you feel so comfortable and you can talk to her about anything without being judged and she throws you fair questions to make you see a different side of things or makes you question where you want to go with things.

Sending my thanks to Mythily for being an awesome parental transition coach!

Mythily’s Background

Mythily has worked with hundreds of parents across a range of industries, disciplines and countries. She has realised that many parents believes that they have to compromise in life, that they have to be practical, and that they can’t fulfil their potential and be a wonderful parent, however, Mythily believes they can! She has observed that they often miss the fact that true success is finding a way to honour your deepest values and achieve results that are in line with your principles. Through coaching she invites you to get out of the passenger seat and back in the driving seat. She believes the successful professional and parent is full of practical insight, incites trust through authentic connection and is innovatively efficient. Above all, they are evolving to greater presence in their life, and role modelling the values that they wish their children to aspire to.

Mythily, a parent herself to two daughters, is passionate about offering other parents a space of unconditional positive regard. She offers challenge, feedback and encouragement that enables parents to feel confident, connected and clear, whilst meeting the challenges and opportunities that parenthood brings.

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