Parental Transition Coaching Qualification

Welcome to the Parental Transition Coaching Academy

As the focus on employee well-being intensifies across organisations globally, the need for specialised coaching services, such as parental transition coaching, is expanding. Since 2009, our team has dedicated itself to offering world-class support to working parents navigating this significant transition in their lives.

The Parental Transition Coaching Qualification (PTCQ) offers comprehensive training and certification, recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), to empower coaches to become experts in this in-demand field.

Whether you are looking to add another dimension to your coaching practice or seeking a new coaching niche, the PTCQ equips you with the latest research, tools, and proven techniques to help working parents in managing the transition into parenthood and their subsequent return to work.

Diversification of skills: This qualification will equip you with a unique toolkit of coaching skills, enabling you to effectively support clients navigating the transition from professional to parent. This can be a differentiator in your coaching practice.

Expanded client base: With this additional skill, you can expand your service offering, thereby broadening your potential client base to include soon-to-be and new parents, as well as those struggling with various aspects of work/life.

Increased impact: By helping clients navigate the often complex and emotionally charged journey into parenthood, you can expect to see profound transformation and growth in your clients, enhancing the overall impact of your coaching.

Personal growth: The insights and strategies you will learn from parental transition coaching could not only prove beneficial for your clients but also offer personal development, enriching your own life and experiences.

Professional credibility: Achieving a qualification in this specialised coaching field can enhance your credibility and authority as a coach, attracting more clients and opportunities. The PTCQ is recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and counts as Continuing Coach Education (CCE). This accreditation validates the quality of our programme and ensures it aligns with globally recognised standards, further enhancing your professional standing in the coaching industry.

Join us in supporting working parents during this important phase of their lives and be part of a growing movement to prioritise employee well-being. The next cohort starts 7th February 2024. Get in touch here.

Hear more about the ICF-accredited PTCQ programme

Find out more about our Parental Transition Coaching Qualification by watching this interview by co-founder Helen Letchfield with the course facilitator Louise Hallett and participant Ruth Harrison Swift.

To discuss our Parental Transition Coaching Qualification and find out how it can work for you contact us.

Louise Hallett
Course Facilitator

Louise has over 15 years of expertise in parental transition coaching and 20 years experience of working in corporate organisations including EY and KPMG. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, psychodynamic counselling and postgraduate marketing qualifications.

Parental Transition Coaching is perfect for:

An internal coach, working with your organisation’s employees

An existing coach who wants to develop skills in a growing market

Coaches looking for a coaching specialism, in an area that you are passionate about

Coaches looking to increase your awareness and perspective of parental transition

Why become a parental transition coach?

5 reasons for choosing to coach through parental transition

Supporting Your Success

You will be supported every step of the way with the facilitated, small-group weekly discussion groups of up to 12 people.

What’s in the course?

Virtual learning
12 one hour webinars with a tutor who has 15 years expertise in parental transition coaching

Rich content
Self-learn e-learning modules via our portal – study additional modules flexibly at your own pace in your own time

Real scenarios
Experiential learning using real case studies of challenging parental transition scenarios

Formal assessment
Formal assessment of learning resulting in an ICF accredited Parental Transition Coaching Qualification


The programme is designed for coaches who have either completed a recognised coaching qualification or have been coaching for at least 5 years. You will also be expected to have at least 4 years of organisational experience. You will either be a parent or have knowledge of the parental transition journey along with a desire to help clients with their work and family balance. Applications will be considered on an individual basis.


Successful completion of the assessment materials will result in an ICF accredited Parental Transition Coaching Qualification, approved for 19 Continuing Coach Education Hours.


To register your interest in joining the 7th February 2024 programme, please fill out the form below or contact us at