Party wear inspiration for the office party – what to wear if you are tired of jeans and a nice top

Busy working parents rarely have the time to spend hours deliberating over what to wear for the office party – however if it is a rare night out when someone else is on pick-up and bed-time duty, you need to make the most of the event!

Sally Smy, our image-management expert, has shared her tips on what to wear for the Christmas party – we asked her to also outline time-saving tips for busy working parents who may not necessarily have time to go out and work on a whole new outfit.  As a working mum of two herself, Sally understands that choosing what to wear for the Office can add extra stress at what is already a busy time of year.  She has put together a few ideas that will ensure you look stylish for the occasion with the minimum amount of fuss:

‘I’m still waiting for a ‘black tie’ invitation that requires me to purchase a new posh frock.  My Christmas events are less formal affairs nowadays so in the interest of economising, I’m upgrading one key piece that will work with the items I already have in my wardrobe.  The money saved can pay for the Prosecco!  Whilst I am a massive fan of jeans and a sparkly top for my usual nights out out, I feel the need to up my game a bit at this time of year.  There are a huge amount of gorgeous alternatives to jeans and a sparkly top in the shops at the moment that fill this brief perfectly.  Choose the right one for you and they will add a new twist to your party wear.  More sparkle, less denim and one new piece is my magic formula and here are my 3 key pieces….’
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As well as personal styling, Sally speaks at women’s network events and regularly delivers 1-hour workshops focussing on the practicality of what to wear at work to boost confidence.  Her workshop ‘Image Management: Parent to Professional’ is on our lunch & learn schedule for 2018 – for more information, please click here

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