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Welcome to the Parent and Professional Career Management Portal

Our state-of-the art online platform is designed to support employees through family transitions. It offers interactive e-learning content. Users can either work their way through all of the content in order, and then download a certificate of completion; or some may prefer to dip in and out of the modules, depending on the area of interest and time available.

Expectant and new parents will benefit from interactive exercises, videos, checklists and case studies. Managers have access to their own modules, which focuses on concise, just-in-time support for those who need a refresher on how to best support a team member through their journey to parenthood and their return to work.

The user experience:

3 modules for parents:

Pre-parental leave

Offers ideas, tools and tips to support team members through the transition at work to parenthood such as ways to manage change, strengthen relationships at work and devise handover & keeping in touch plans.

During parental leave

Helps team members plan the transition back to work. The exercises, articles, videos and audio clips will help employees comprehensively consider all of the return to work options, and then make a practical return-to-work plan.

Post-parental leave

There are three main sections in the module, designed to support team members from three different angles: the emotional perspective, work/family balance, and skills and practical planning for team re-integration.

3 modules for managers:

Managing expectancy

For managers who have an expectant mum, dad or adopter in your team. Guides a manager in understanding and making provision for the extra support and recognition during the challenging time to support their team member’s well-being.

Managing parental leave

Highlights the essential do’s and don’ts of managing someone on leave and to assist in dealing with unexpected changes. Guides managers in what exceptional leadership might look like whilst an employee is on leave.

Managing the return

Supports a returner from family-related leave. This module will help managers plan the return in advance and support potential requests for flexibility, as well as manage expectations, reintegration and performance.

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