Responding to COVID-19

The health and safety of all team members and of all our clients are our utmost priority, so all of our one-to-one coaching sessions are now taking place over either the internet or phone.  In place of any face to face workshops, we are offering webinars and the option to use our Online Parental Leave Portal. We have been working virtually in this way for a couple of years now with many of our clients, so our team is very experienced in virtual coaching.

Free webinars

Juggling home working with home schooling

P&P coach, Louise Hallett, who is also an experienced home schooler, guided us through managing the unexpected situation every family now finds themselves in. For those parents who have school-aged children, Louise covers: establishing priorities and meeting expectations from work, school and family; finding out what works for you; maintaining sanity in the face of adversity and top tips for success.

Managing remotely

As the world faces unprecedented times, with more and more of us working from home - managers are facing new challenges. P&P leadership facilitator Andrew Kitton, explores the following questions: How do I manage my staff from home? How do I lead my team through this uncertainty? How do I create a sense of unity and keep morale high?

You can access the recordings by clicking on the headings above.  If you would like the slide deck, please get in touch.


Do’s and Don’ts of supporting working parents during the coronavirus outbreak

Tips to send out to your working parents at home

Help employees communicate and connect as a priority for remote working