'Happy homes, happy employees and high engagement scores go hand in hand... giving your working dads a gentle embrace is an obvious next step for HR leaders to make'
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Our 2-hour workshop enables new and 'expectant' dads to network and exchange tips and ideas. We explore the impact of 'generation daddy' on working and personal lives and find practical ways to establish a happier balance.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced personal wellbeing and therefore performance
  • Increased engagement / productivity and therefore less absenteeism
  • Sustains and builds image of being a family-friendly and supportive workplace, attracting new talent


Case Study

Our remit has been to support an international bank to become a more family-friendly employer. Alongside running our Maternity Coaching Programme, the bank offered recognition and support to their working dads, so asked us to design and deliver 2-hour New & 'Expectant' Dads workshops. Held across lunchtimes to minimise business disruption, the workshops offer a mix of practical information, tips on work/family balance, as well as opportunity to discuss any concerns.

The average knowledge level of delegates attending the workshop was 65% before and 92% after, which shows how much people feel they take away from the sessions. When asked what the delegates would apply following the workshop, example responses were:

  • 'Time and expectation management'
  • 'Changes in lifestyle'
  • 'Policy information'
  • 'Discussion with boss re flexibility'
  • 'Preparing my workplace for the changes I will experience'

Question from evaluation summary - what aspects of the workshop did you find most useful?

'Sharing experiences and knowledge, talking through options, discussing collective thoughts, tips on work/life balance, interaction with other dads'

Participant from our New & 'Expectant' Dads workshop

I-hour facilitated discussion group with like-minded dads provide a chance to network, air concerns, help others and put forward ideas to improve life for parents in the business.

Business Benefits:

By encouraging dads to get together to discuss common working/parenting concerns, organisations will find that employees:

  • gain networking opportunities
  • are more engaged and less stressed
  • share solutions to improve personal work/life balance and wellbeing
  • share ways to become more productive at work
  • begin to slowly change the organisational culture to become more family-friendly
  • very quickly communicate their company's commitment to employee wellbeing, therefore enhancing the corporate image
Case Study:

An insurance company has given us the objective of creating a more open, supportive working environment for dads. We facilitate quarterly discussion groups where working dads take away practical tips on anything from time management to childcare.

'It was great to hear tips from other dads on how they are trying to balance work with having young children'

Delegate from Quarterly Discussion Group

Invite your dads to a 1-hour presentation to understand the impact of 'generation daddy' and how their role is changing. During the session we will identify and navigate the challenges of being a working dad, give tips on how to get the work/life balance right including ideas on what you need to change to work smarter.

Business Benefits:

  • Dads will walk away with the motivation to make changes
  • Have 3-5 clear changes they will make today to increase their productivity and wellbeing at work
  • The feeling that the business supports them as an employee during this period
  • Increased motivation to make positive changes to work/life balance
  • Increased engagement / productivity and therefore less absenteeism
  • Sustains and builds image of being a family-friendly and supportive workplace, attracting new talent
Case study:

One of our law firm clients had been supporting their females through maternity coaching for several years and wanted to acknowledge and support dads too. We held a presentation, with an internal panel of dads, to an audience of 40 to open up the dad's agenda and encourage a network.

'I came away with lots of ideas on how I can be more productive at work and also add more value at home'