Parental-transition coaching is a vital part of an organisation’s talent retention strategy and overall D&I consideration

What is parental-transition coaching?

Parental-transition coaching is a way of providing support for employees around their maternity or paternity leave. This is a critical period in their personal lives as they leave work to have a baby and return to the demands of career management in their professional lives.

Organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of caring for employees at this time and offering parental-transitional coaching is a great way to achieve this. 

10 years ago, ‘maternity coaching’ used to be seen as a way of increasing return rates from maternity leave and a way to reduce the likelihood of a legal discrimination claim.  Parental-transition coaching has replaced maternity coaching and is a vital part of an organisation’s talent retention strategy and overall D&I consideration.  It is now about supporting both mums and dads to find the right work/family balance; it is also about educating managers to support their employees through change.

Why is parental-transition coaching important for your business?

Parental-transition coaching is such an important aspect of any business. Creating a family-friendly organisation consists of far more than simply adhering to creating competitive maternity or paternity policies (however this is a good way to start!)

The evidence for supporting employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing through any period in their lives is well documented and undisputed. Furthermore, good support from the work place through the parental- transition has been proven to improve loyalty and retention of employees.  In fact, we can now help HR track results of the parental-transition coaching for your business. This is because we measure key D&I factors such as; confidence in career progression, work/family balance as well as the extent to which employees now feel more supported by their companies. 

How P&P can help…

At P&P, we work with you to provide support for your employees through parental-transition coaching. We have developed a 5-step plan for success;

Step 1: we will work with you to identify your key drivers, organisational objectives and success criteria

Step 2:  we will produce marketing material and comprehensive preparation documents for your employees

Step 3: we will introduce your employees to a selection of our global parental- transition coaches

Step 4: once the coach has been chosen, we make the introductions and the coaching begins

Step 5: comprehensive evaluation takes place at the end of the coaching relationship

If you would like more information on Parental-Transition Coaching please contact us. We will talk through our process and make a plan that suits you and your business.

Retain and Attract Talent through parental transition and beyond

Parental-transition support

We are there to support employees navigate all life's parental challenges. Our experience in consulting with organisations to set up their parent-mentoring schemes enables long-term, internal and sustainable support for parents.

New and Expectant Dads

Preparing to foster or adopt and managing a career

Juggling the demands of being a working single parent

Since becoming the first British university to admit women in 1868, UCL has been committed to advancing the careers of women in science. One of its latest priorities is helping women to tackle the barriers that can hinder career progression after they become a parent or carer.

“New mothers have become much more confident about getting what they need from both home and work to progress their careers.”

What our clients have to say...

I wanted to provide you with my personal feedback on the Menopause coaching sessions that I have been fortunate to attend with Laura Shuckburgh. I’m really impressed and have found the sessions so appropriate and fulfilling. Laura quickly grasped key aspects of who I am and I felt she simply “got me” …

Her compassion, honesty, empathy and nurturing approach have been truly inspirational and she has provided me with some fantastic guidance and suggestions. I thought it important to let you know.

Natalie Thompson

Wellbeing and CSR Manager, Schroders Personal Wealth

“Through in-depth evaluation of our comprehensive parental-transition coaching programme across the UK, P&P has reported an increase in return and retention rates of those women returning from maternity leave.”

Head of Diversity, Global Wealth Management Organisation

“What impressed me the most was your evident understanding of the issues facing parents returning to work at a senior level.”

Senior Tutor, NCT

“The workshops are both practical and thought-provoking and everyone who attends walks away feeling motivated and supported by us, P&P and their fellow colleagues.”

Head of HR, Financial Services

“The coaching that P&P provides not only offers essential support to help people manage the parental transition, but reinforces our values and aspirations.”

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Legal and General

“We have received really positive feedback from the parents who attended P&P’s workshops.”

Head of HR, Investment Organisation

“We have received very healthy feedback from participants who attended, who have reported that the parental transition is an area in which they need most support in order to make a smooth transition between parenting and work.”

Chair of Parents and Carers Network, UCL