Parental-transition coaching is a vital part of an organisation’s talent retention strategy and overall D&I consideration

Parental-transition coaching supports employees during a critical period of their personal life as they leave work to have a baby and return to the demands of career management in their professional lives.

Parental-transition support

We are there to support employees navigate all life's parental challenges. Our experience in consulting with organisations to set up their parent-mentoring schemes enables long-term, internal and sustainable support for parents.

Maternity and paternity transition coaching – group or 1-1

Manager coaching for parental transition

Career and family balance 1-1 coaching

Parental leave and family balance eLearning portal

New and Expectant Dads

Preparing to foster or adopt and managing a career

Juggling the demands of being a working single parent

Fertility at work via coaching and our online portal

Since becoming the first British university to admit women in 1868, UCL has been committed to advancing the careers of women in science. One of its latest priorities is helping women to tackle the barriers that can hinder career progression after they become a parent or carer.

“New mothers have become much more confident about getting what they need from both home and work to progress their careers.”

What our clients have to say...

“Through in-depth evaluation of our comprehensive parental-transition coaching programme across the UK, P&P has reported an increase in return and retention rates of those women returning from maternity leave.”

Head of Diversity, Global Wealth Management Organisation

“What impressed me the most was your evident understanding of the issues facing parents returning to work at a senior level.”

Senior Tutor, NCT

“The workshops are both practical and thought-provoking and everyone who attends walks away feeling motivated and supported by us, P&P and their fellow colleagues.”

Head of HR, Financial Services

“The coaching that P&P provides not only offers essential support to help people manage the parental transition, but reinforces our values and aspirations.”

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Legal and General

“We have received really positive feedback from the parents who attended P&P’s workshops.”

Head of HR, Investment Organisation

“We have received very healthy feedback from participants who attended, who have reported that the parental transition is an area in which they need most support in order to make a smooth transition between parenting and work.”

Chair of Parents and Carers Network, UCL