Maternity Coaching

Maternity Coaching

Maternity coaching has recently become known as Parental Transition Coaching (PTC) as this incorporates both parents irrespective of their genders. It is a more inclusive term for all.

The term Maternity Coaching would previously have been used to offer coaching to a pregnant mother or a mother preparing to adopt. Then paternity coaching may well have been offered to the expectant father.

At Parent and Professional we offer Maternity Coaching in the form of Parental Transition Coaching for organisations up and down the UK. Find out more about the structure of the coaching we provide and how it can benefit your organisation.


Maternity Coaching

What does Maternity Coaching / Parental Transition Coaching Involve?

Our coaching programme involves a series of sessions with a qualified coach to ensure all personal issues surrounding the challenges of becoming a parent at work are comprehensively explored. We recommend 4 sessions where the employee will set objectives at the start of every session.

The individual can work through any deeper concerns or barriers they may be worried about with their dedicated coach. The sessions have an emphasis on identifying ways to move forward and take action.

To support the manager of the employee, we also recommend at least two meetings between a different coach and the manager. One of these should take place before the parental leave starts and the other upon return.  These meetings can provide a real boost to leadership skills.

P&P Coaching Programme Structure

The structure of our parental transition coaching programme is as follows;

Session 1 – Expectancy at work

This session takes place at any point during expectancy or preparation for adoption leave. The following topics are often considered and discussed in the first session:

  • Managing the change of image at work – from professional to parent
  • Maintaining confidence through change
  • Strengthening relationships at work in preparation for leaving
  • Creating and communicating a handover plan
  • Designing a keeping in touch plan
  • Setting up a support network and communication plan
  • Preparing to exit the business to feel calm, in control and ready to enjoy the period of leave

Session 2 – Preparing to return to work

This session encourages new parents who are still on leave to begin to reconnect with their work colleagues in a safe and supportive environment. We also begin to consider how the coachee feels about their return to work.

This can be a very challenging time as the coachee will be working through different options for returning to work, whilst potentially grappling with challenging emotions.  The following topics are often considered and discussed in this session:

  • Reflecting on any concerns or anxieties
  • Considering personal and family values
  • Reflecting on change
  • Preparing ‘return to work’ meetings with managers
  • Practically preparing for the return to work – childcare, logistics and time management
  • Designing the back to work plan – setting reintegration objectives
  • Building relationships

Sessions 3 & 4 – Working Parent

These sessions are held during the first three months of returning. The aim is to offer support during the transition of return to help boost confidence and facilitate a confident reintegration into the workplace.  The following topics are often discussed:

  • Identifying both the benefits and challenges of your return to work to you and your family
  • Personal skills audit; where are the strengths and the gaps? Transferable skills?
  • Understanding the impact of what’s changed since you’ve been away
  • Assessing and understanding your career direction – what does work mean to you?
  • Assessing time management skills needed for managing work/family balance
  • Managing image and relationships
  • Assessing personal visibility, stakeholder management and navigating the politics

Parental Transition Coaching with P&P

At Parent and Professional we work with a dedicated and qualified team of coaches who are experts in supporting employees through maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave.  They have been selected for their desire and ability to create genuine change and results.  We have also launched the first ever Parental Transition Coaching Qualification.

To meet our coaches or to discuss how parental transition coaching can work for you and your business please contact us.

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