Supporting LGBTQ+ parents in the workplace

A webinar for HR, D&I and L&D professionals. Supporting LGBTQ+ Parents in the Workplace. Watch recording

Are you passionate about promoting inclusivity in the workplace, particularly for LGBTQ+ parents? If you are in HR, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), or Learning and Development (LD) and would like to make a difference to the workplace future of this community, we invite you to our forthcoming webinar Supporting LGBTQ+ Parents in the Workplace.

The discussion will revolve around the importance of embracing inclusivity in the workplace, with a specific focus on supporting LGBTQ+ parents.

We are privileged to have Rachel Ward, a respected Head of Learning and Development, joining us. Rachel will be sharing her personal experiences regarding LGBTQ+ parenting in the professional realm. Her insights promise to be enlightening and thought-provoking.

Thank you for so many of your who registered for our recent webinar “Supporting LGBTQ+ parents in the workplace“. It’s leaders and professionals like you who pave the way for meaningful change, ensuring that every workplace provides support and understanding to help employees prosper.  

We’re following up the webinar with a few resources that we believe may help you to establish a truly inclusive workplace where every employee, including LGBTQ+ parents and professionals, can thrive. If you were unable to attend the live session, you can watch the recording at your convenience. 

Download our white paper on LGBTQ+ inclusion

Download our white paper: “LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace” to take a significant step towards nurturing positive change. It provides insights and actionable steps to create a supportive environment for LGBTQ+ parents and professionals. 

Workplace learning and development to support LGBTQ+ employees and their managers

Recognising the pivotal role managers play in fostering inclusivity, we offer a webinar for managers and HR. This 1-hour webinar is aimed at empowering leaders to be champions of inclusive support for LGBTQ+ employees, which covers:

  • Why is it so important to support LGBTQ+ employees?
  • The 3 biggest challenges faced by this community and the impact each has on individuals and at a company level:
    • Harassment, microaggression and judgement.
    • Heterosexual assumptions and privileges in the workplace.
    • Challenges faced during the LGBTQ+ journey to parenthood and family life.
  • What can organisations do? The top 5 recommendations.

Additionally, to build a supportive network, we offer a 1-hour webinar for LGBTQ+ colleagues, which covers:

  • The key personal and professional challenges faced as an LGBTQ+ employee.
  • Key challenges around the LGBTQ+ journey to parenthood and family life.
  • Sharing of tips – what has helped, what has hindered.
  • Having sensitive and brave discussions at work.

Download the webinar outlines here, and set the stage for a more informed and empathetic workplace culture.

Please reach out to me for any guidance or questions We stand with you to create a workplace that fully welcomes and supports an inclusive, family friendly culture.

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