The ripple effect of sleep: Why employee mental health depends on it

As an HR professional, you play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of your employees and supporting employee mental health. One area that is often overlooked in discussions around employee well-being is the importance of sleep, a fundamental pillar of overall health. With Mental Health Awareness week just around the corner and a focus this year on Anxiety, it’s a great time to bring this to light in your organisation.

Why sleep is a big part of employee mental health

With often increasing demands of managing work and family responsibilities, stress and anxiety levels are on the rise.  This can cause sleep patterns to become disrupted, ultimately leading to significant impacts on mental health. By supporting healthy sleep habits, you can help your working parents, carers or employees better manage the mental health challenges they may face. A well-rested employee is likely to be more focused, alert, and emotionally resilient, as well as feeling valued and therefore more engaged and committed to their work and the organisation.

Poor sleep can impair cognitive function, memory, and concentration, leading to reduced productivity and performance at work. By prioritising sleep, you can help employees improve their cognitive abilities and optimise their performance, leading to better results and outcomes.

How to support your employees prioritise sleep

To support employee mental health and promote prioritising sleep, Maryanne Taylor, a panel expert at Parent and Professional, offers a range of sleep education and support options. Her sleep solutions specialises in adult sleep, and employees can access a one-hour webinar on a variety of sleep-related topics, including how to sleep in a changed world, managing anxiety for better sleep, and investing in better sleep to create a positive sleep culture in the workplace.

In addition, Maryanne provides a Menopause Sleep Solution webinar, which focuses on restoring quality sleep during midlife. There is also a webinar for Mind, Body and Sleep webinar which covers managing stress and improving sleep.

When an employee gets adequate sleep, they are more likely to feel alert, focused, and emotionally resilient. This, in turn, can positively impact their productivity, concentration, and memory, leading to better performance at work. Moreover, the benefits of healthy sleep habits extend beyond the individual employee. When a group of employees prioritises healthy sleep habits, it can create a ripple effect throughout the organisation, leading to a more engaged and productive workplace. This can positively impact the organisation’s success and bottom line, making it an essential consideration for HR professionals to offer as part of a well-being benefit packages or webinar series.  

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