Top 3 Challenges for Working Dads

What are the top challenges for working dads?

P&P Coaching recently facilitated an event for a client for 50 working dads. The participants were all at varying levels; in a wide spectrum of roles; at all ages and at all stages of parenthood – whether that be an expectant dad or a father of teenage children. So we had a wide range of participants, but who all had 1 thing in common – they faced the same challenge of getting that working and parenting balance right for them.

Top 3 Challenges for Working Dads

Based on what was discussed at our event; here is a summary of the top 3 challenges for working dads.

1. Getting the right home/work balance
How do I make sure I fulfil my parenting responsibilities whilst not letting my career prospects slip? The answer to this one is different for everyone and can be found by initially considering and talking through personal and family values.

2. Managing expectations at work and feeling comfortable to leave work to spend time with the family
This is where dads need to acknowledge the fact that their lives are changing and that work patterns need to accommodate home life. It means that an open dialogue will be needed with managers and a degree of understanding from the team. This can pose problems in teams where the culture does not support flexibility and work/life balance.

3. Managing the logistics
Ensuring the whole family is happy with the decision of who is working and how long they are working for. Are both partners going to work full time? Is one partner going to take their foot off the career pedal for a while? If so, who? If you are a single father – what support and help do you need to make your working life as flexible as possible?

P&P Coaching runs regular 1-hour lunch & learn sessions as well as longer, more in-depth 2-hour sessions for expectant and working dads.  These sessions consider all of the above issues and encourage discussion around solutions.  Contact for more details.

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