Top 5 benefits of expectancy at work

Benefits of expectancy at work?  Really?

It’s very easy to become swamped by the difficulties we face as we approach a period of leave, and the physical symptoms of pregnancy are particularly tough to contend with.  But are we missing the bigger picture here?

5 biggest benefits of expectancy at work – for mums and dads:

  1. For expectant mums, you are forced to put your health and wellbeing to the top of the list.  For expectant dads, you have probably been told to get as much sleep now as you can before the due date.  We always knew we should be doing more exercise, taking more care of our nutrition, checking our stress levels.  There is no better time to make improvements in all these areas as we realise that our lifestyle has a direct impact on the health of our offspring.
  2. Planning to keep in touch whilst you’re away helps to build relationships and assess the strength of your current network.  Having conversations with your colleagues and manager about which emails you want to receive, which events you want to be invited to and when you want to catch up remind them of your commitment to the job
  3. Working on handover plans to pass to your cover or to your team helps you take stock of everything you have achieved over the last year or so.  Seeing a list of all the tasks, projects and responsibilities you have on the go (ready to be handed over) is a great confidence boost before you leave and instils a sense of professional pride.  This is great for the longer-term too as you can take this home with you and refer back to it just before you return.  Handover is like putting the bookmark into the book you’re reading so you know exactly where to pick up the next time you read.  Saves a lot of time.
  4. As conversations at work seem to focus more and more on your impending parenthood, you realise you are connecting more with people you previously didn’t really talk to.  Great for building relationships!
  5. Coping with one of the biggest life changes you have ever experienced may well feel scary day-to-day.  But putting aside your role as a professional for several months and embracing a completely new lifestyle really pushes you out of your comfort zone.  And when you get pushed out your comfort zone, you get more resilient and become more comfortable with change in the longer-term.  Fast-forward to your return – this will really help you make the transition back to your role as a working parent.

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