How to work flexibly: top 10 tips

‘There shouldn’t be a 1 size fits all approach – that’s not how families are set up. Many businesses already recognise how productive and motivated employees are when they’re given the opportunity to work flexibly, helping them retain talent and boost their competitive edge. This is good for families, good for business and good for our economy.’

Nick Clegg 2013

How to Work Flexibly – Our Top 10 Tips

Working flexibly can be a challenge for some. If you’re new to flexible working or are trying to make yourself more productive, these tips could help you.

  1. Confidence is crucial – see yourself as a ‘powerful part-timer’
  1. Don’t obsess about the detail; identify the tasks where you don’t need to reach 100% perfection – and then stop when you are 80% happy (eg housework, cooking, charts and notes that no one will see except for you etc)
  1. Feeling guilty is a waste of energy.  Remind yourself why you made the decision to work flexibly and think of the benefits.  Then let it go
  1. Every day, identify your top 3 ‘must do’s’ before you go home, then do them first.  Do not have more than 3, it’s not about a demotivating ‘to-do’ list, it’s about forcing you to prioritise
  1. Use your days away from the office wisely.  If you have chosen to work flexibly to spend more time with your family, make sure you do that!
  1. Work harder on your visibility than you did before you were part-time; make more effort to see the people you need to see face to face when you are in the office
  2. Stay connected.  People like to know you being productive when you are working remotely so keep on top of emails and return voicemails promptly
  1. Revise your objectives with your manager to fit your new working pattern; set a trial period and keep reviewing your progress, agreeing changes to workload when appropriate
  2. Find a positive, happy part-time role model, buddy, coach or friend.  Meet regularly to give each other a boost, especially when you are having a bad day
  3. Look after yourself.  Yes, joining  gym would be great, but just take time to get the basics right first – good food, sleep, plenty of water and fresh air.  If you fall down so will the rest of the family so don’t feel selfish for getting it right for yourself

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