Work Life Week 2020 – like no other!

This year’s Working Families National Work Life week is taking place on 12-16 October and it’s no surprise that this year’s webinars on offer are all around flexibility!

At P&P Coaching, we are constantly striving to help organisations create the best possible culture to enable working parents get the work/family balance they need.  This year we have of course seen a very different challenge.  Many working parents in the UK have been struggling more than ever to get a balance between working and parenting time, first with the lockdown challenge of spending 24 hours with our families, and now with continued working from home and less childcare.

The difference between ‘working’ and ‘family’ used to have very clear cut, physical boundaries, with a commute or school run at each end of the day to help us transition from our 2 roles of professional and parent.  Now we are mingling the two worlds more than ever, we need to take time out to assess how we develop or maintain a sense of balance.

Work Life Week and P&P Coaching

So, what does National Work Life week mean to us at P&P Coaching this year?  We think it’s about 2 things:

  1. Taking stock of the changes that we have grappled with over the last few months (and very likely the next few months going forward).  What has worked well?  What has driven us crazy?  What have we learnt about ourselves and our families?
  2. Planning for 2021 and ahead.  We now know that we are going to be living with uncertainty for a while longer yet – maybe we have come to accept that uncertainty is a large part of our lives now. 

Prioritising our wellbeing and assessing how we get our own personal work/family balance has never been more crucial.  We have a series of 1-hour webinars that we can run for your organisation.  From getting better sleep in a changed world, to enhancing our resilience, our speakers are all experts in their fields and will give your employees practical tips to invest in their wellbeing. 

This week’s blog is written by co-founder of Parent & Professional, Helen Letchfield.

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