Working Parent Loneliness – part 2

Earlier this year, for Mental Health Awareness Week, we published a blog on working parent loneliness, where we explored the key moments where working parents often experience loneliness.

This week, we are thrilled to welcome our guest-blogger, Rebecca Temsen at Self Development Secrets, who has written a blog which further discusses the issue of loneliness.

Some of the causes of loneliness outlined in the article really resonated with me, particularly when considering a professional taking leave and becoming a parent – especially for the first time.  The article highlights some of the key causes:

  • Reliance on technology over face-to-face becomes apparent especially when working flexibly or being on family-related leave:

 ‘Technology divides and disconnects people from one another’

  • Moving areas – very common for new, young families to relocate, especially from flats/apartments to houses with gardens – which often means moving away from the area you know:

‘Leaving the place you know so well, and all your friends can cause loneliness’

  • High-expectations of others – and of ourselves. Going on parental leave can be particularly lonely as we realise that many of our existing friends are still working full-time so aren’t around as much as you might wish:

‘Your friend told you they would visit you, but they never come and this time was no different’

  • Lower confidence levels – especially as you become a parent and undergo a huge change in circumstances and of self-image:

When you are not confident in yourself, you are less likely to go out and make friends’

  • Lack of communication – especially during parental leave:

‘Sometimes, the biggest problem causing loneliness is lack of communication’

The blog goes on to discuss 3 ways of managing loneliness as well as 10 things to remember.  Well worth a read!

Thank you to Rebecca Temsen at Self Development Secrets for this contribution.

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